Ricky Neil

Ricky Neil

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Ricky became interested in music during the sixties (that's the decade not his age) and by 1974 was working as a DJ in night clubs in Bristol, although still at school! Great fan of 70s disco and Euro Pop of that era, is a bit of a Euro-Vision geek too.

Moved to Dorset in the 90s and decided to have a change of career so became the Head Verger of The Priory in Christchurch, he says that this it had nothing to do with being to walk through the streets in a long black dress every day, but those who know him just say "hmmm...."

Came to Spain in Jan 2001 and began Dj-ing and presenting karaoke shows around this area, loves setting and holding quiz nights and is proud that he is able to keep lots of women and a few men on the edge of their seats just by looking at his balls.................oh for pity's sake, he's a bingo caller too!

Is a big fan of Bristol City FC so knows nothing about football obviously and generally likes to help people have a good time. He is blessed with the perfect face for radio.


Airing Schedule

Ricky's Sports show airs from 3pm until 6.30pm Saturday afternoons


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