Sean Francis Campbell

Sean Francis Campbell

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Living here is perfect for me, though I spent many happy years in Liverpool and North Wales, those cold climates hold little temptation for me now, I'm sticking here for good!

I'm currently learning Spanish, I'm moderate right now but the ultimate goal is fluency.


I live in La Zenia between Cabo Roig and the beach so I'm never short of things to do. I spend a lot of my free time with my Alsatian, Tina. We're always out and about, as staying in when I live in such a beautiful climate would be criminal in my opinion.

I like to read and my 2 favourite series of books are A Song of Ice and Fire (now commonly known as 'Game of Thrones') by George RR Martin and 'The Dark Tower' novels by Stephen King. I also write and would love to write a successful novel of my own one day (think Star Wars meets Blade Runner).

I'm also a keen gamer and you can often find me on my PS4 of a night time, a self confessed Fifa addict. I love good tv shows, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and especially the Sopranos. My favourite film is Raging Bull.

I am a journalist by trade having written for the Liverpool Echo and the North Wales Daily Post but prior to coming here I was the manager of a busy betting shop in Liverpool (also writing for the monthly staff magazine). I've got a decent knowledge of racing but not enough to have gained me much profit over the years! My favourite race of all is The Grand National at Aintree and I've been to the event a few times, it's fantastic!

I am a sports enthusiast but my main passion is football, in particular my beloved Everton (for my sins!). My only memory of us winning a trophy was in 1995 when I was 6 years old. My Nan gave me some Everton balloons after the game and told me to run outside with them as our street was populated by many Manchester United supporters, frustratingly that is all I can remember of the event. I long to see us win a trophy again and bring some glory back to Goodison.

If you had to categorise me then I'd say I'm a rocker but I'm a fan of anything with a good sound from as far back as the 50's right up until the modern day. My favourite band is Iron Maiden who I've seen 8 times but I've been to more gigs than I can remember (I also have the stubs from them all!) from AC/DC to Stevie Wonder. There's nothing quite like live music! My favourite decade for music is probably the 80's, such variety, everything was good back then (oh for a time machine!).


I often listened to Sunshine FM prior to joining the team so I'm delighted now to be a part of the Costa Blanca's best station. I love the variety and the great atmosphere with Simon and the gang and I look forward to every shift, it hardly feels like work at all!


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