Pat Martin's love of music covers Motown, soul although his passion is reggae with his favourite being the legend Bob Marley.
He loves music generally with oasis being one of his most listened too bands when relaxing.
He started DJ-ing in the pubs and clubs in Birmingham back in the mid 70s. Venues being the Locarno, Snobs and Top Rank.
When in Birmingham he hosted sets that included then radio 1 DJs emperor rosko, Noel Edmunds, tony Blackburn and DLT

He continued when moving to Devon at venues 400 club, Ritzys, Tropicana, and Penelope’s.
He plays the tenor saxaphone (badly) and is able to read music.
He has seen Bob Marley live on his natty dread tour and have seen UB40 around 20+ times over the years.
Pat got married on the beach in Jamaica in the province of st Anne’s and visited Bob Marley’s house (now a museum) in nine mile