Since she could walk this lady has wanted to perform! Starting out as a redcoat at Butlins holiday camp when she was 18 and quickly progressing to professional singer.
Performing in various Bands throughout the 90's, Carla then met husband to be when Mark auditioned to be the guitarist for her show band in 1995, he got the job and he got the girl.
As the front line of the band they decided to go it alone and Sunflower Valley Duo was created! 18 years later and one big move to Spain with their two children Danielle, now 12 and Mackenzie, now 8, they are still going strong and are one of the most popular acts here on the Costa Blanca, which was recently proved by the public as they were voted best band in the Costa Blanca 2012.
Carla has always had an interest in media and has written articles for local papers and Magazines, with subjects such as her X factor experience to local fiestas and articles of public interest. Last year she moved into Radio and gained a huge following very quickly from around the Costa's and all over the world, thanks to the power of the internet. She also teaches young performers vocal technique through to stage performance.

Carla's show's are always lively and punchy, she's not one to siesta. She admits she sometimes gets far too excited about things and believes that "everything in life has a funny side, and that you just have to look for it!" She certainly brings her zest for life and energy in abundance to her Saturday evening show here at Sunshine FM.